Some women like to have sex with dogs and even more are intrigued by the prospect.
The first point to be made is that you CANNOT GET PREGNANT THROUGH FUCKING A DOG.
Different breeds have different sized cocks but like humans the size can vary even within a breed.
A good choice of dog is a Great Dane as it has a larger cock than most dogs and it is roughly the size of a mans’ cock. Other dogs are fine and in general the bigger the dog the bigger the cock.
The thing about having sex with a dog is that it needs practice and the first few times can be rubbish. However, if you persevere it is worth it.
It also helps if someone else is there to help guide the dogs cock inside you but if this is not possible don’t worry as you will eventually get the hang of it.
1 – A large towel to lie on to prevent any mess.
A great alternative to this can be seen at this link –
2 – A smaller towel to clean yourself up with.
3 – Four socks for the dog. Babies socks or booties can do. These are merely to help you avoid being scratched.
4 – A pillow to place underneath you to help you into the best position for penetration.
Firstly get yourself excited with a little masturbation. Then get the dog and lie on your back with your legs apart. Most women would expect that being fucked doggie style would be best but this is not the case. Put the dogs face next to your vagina – He will start to lick you. As he does the dog will begin to get excited. A dogs cock is totally covered by a sheath and as he gets excited his cock emerges from that sheath. Unlike a man he will slowly ejaculate straight from the start so it is important to get his cock inside you as soon as you can after he has become fully hard and out of the sheath.
The dogs’ cock will feel a bit slimy and this is designed to help lubricate you. It might also look a bit thin but not to worry as once inside you it expands. At this point your dog will fuck you like a pneumatic drill pounding away at high speed all the time pumping its semen into you.. Don’t worry about this as it can’t hurt you. Eventually the base of its cock will begin to expand into a ball like area. This is called the dog knot. It is important to push this inside your vagina. Once inside it will increase in size so that it cannot fall out totally sealing the dogs penis inside you.
At this stage the dog will stop humping you but will remain still.
This can last for any length of time. It could be 5 minutes or 45 minutes. Usually it is about 15 to 20 minutes.
Throughout this stage the dog will be continually pumping its semen into you.
As the dogs’ body temperature is higher than yours you will feel the warm semen pumping into you. The dog knot will be next to your clitoris so that every pump action will stimulate it. It is often the case that you will have orgasm after orgasm. After the dog has finished the knot shrinks and the dogs’ cock can be removed from your vagina. There will be copious amounts of its semen inside you. Probably a cup full or so filling up your vagina and womb. The final action that the dog performs is to ejaculate a thicker liquid to seal the semen inside you. If it did you would enjoy the full feeling but it will probably begin to pour out. The dog often licks you to clean this up but if it doesn’t then place its mouth against you and it will probably start to do it. This again can be sexually stimulating.
So that is it. Difficult when you initially begin to have sex with a dog but well worth it when you get the hang of it.

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