Hello my name is Wendy. I am a secretary and work at Nobs and Nockers..

I was asked if I would like to provide some photos for the blog and after discussing it with my husband I agreed.
I thought it would be a bit of a laugh.
I am married and we have 2 children.

Life can get a bit of a routine and so something different like this appealed.

At one time my husband and I were very fun loving and very close.
Life then happens and to an extent it drags you down.
I love my husband, my kids and my job but sometimes I just feel like a drudge.
Something different seemed a bit exciting.
The photos were all taken by a professional photographer.
I was nervous at first and so we took it slowly.
The photographer was very understanding and allowed me to be mostly covered.

As the photo session moved on I became a little bolder and eventually I agreed to uncover all of my body.
I could see that the photographer appreciated what was on show and he actually mentioned that I had a beautiful body.

I was a little surprised when he told me I had great boobs.
He said that they were beautiful and it was a mistake not to let everybody see them.
I agreed to have a couple of photos taken with my boobs on show and I must admit to feeling a little excited.
That was the end of the session and I was just about to get dressed when the photographer thanked me.
He said that I was absolutely gorgeous and desirable and that it had been a pleasure to photograph me..

I was shocked but I must admit that I was also flattered.
I asked him what he meant by desirable and he said that he just felt that my husband was a very lucky man.
I then asked him what he meant and he said that any man would be lucky to have sex with me.
As I said I am a wife and mother and don’t get that kind of complement.
Maybe I am wrong but it made me feel very special.
Men should realise that women really get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that they are still sexually attractive.
So there we are.
It certainly was an experience and one that I will never forget.
I think the photographer was being genuine in his comments
He had been really nice to me, had put me at ease, treated me with respect and been very complementary.
It really is a great feeling to know that your body is still able to excite a man.
That’s about it.
I hope that you like my photos (and my tits) and it has been really nice to introduce myself to you.

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