Husbands are often totally ignorant of the sexual needs of their wives.
Every wife deserves sexual satisfaction in every aspect of their lives.
This is not easy for a husband to offer.
A sexually satisfied wife is a happy and devoted wife.
So what can you do to ensure that your wife is content.
There are three things that can make a massive difference.
In third place – THE GANG BANG 
At few times a month four or five other men, preferably your friends, should give her a good fucking.
This seems really extreme and may come as a big surprise to you and your wife.
It is, however, something that I would recommend.
To keep a man mentally and physically healthy he needs to reach a sexual climax on a regular basis.
It is the same for women but in actual fact few rarely achieve it.
Most women fake their orgasms to please their partners but really need genuine ones.
It would be best if you were there watching as it would then be personal to you as a couple.
She may also find it more exciting if you were watching as your friends cocks pounded into her.
As long as there is plenty of foreplay before they do it should be a great experience.
The foreplay should ensure that your wife is good and wet but if this is not the case use a water based lubricant such as this one –
It may be a good idea for your friends to use cock rings that keep them harder for longer.
These can be combined with a vibrating clitoral stimulator.
They can be battery replaceable or be rechargeable – See Links –
Your wife will not need to pretend to have an orgasm but will genuinely climax several times.
Surely the woman in your life deserves this.
In second place – SEX TOYS 
We all get randy from time to time and men can alleviate this easily by having a quick wank.
A woman takes a little longer and it is a good idea for her to have easy access to a variety of sex toys to bring herself off when she needs to.
A good selection of these can be found at this section of the Nobs and Nockers website – See link –
This is basically how you treat each other which should be with kindness and understanding.
But it is mainly about you shagging.
You should fuck your wife as often as possible – That means most nights and generally more than once a night.
Arrange your lives so that neither of you are too tired for sex.
If your job means that this is not the case then if possible alter your job.
As a last resort ensure that you at least have sex 3 or 4 times a week..
Just fuck her on alternate nights and get a good nights sleep on the other nights.
On the nights when there is no sex then make sure there are lots of cuddles.
When you do have sex with your wife you must involve plenty of foreplay to help her reach a peak of excitement.
Do this with your fingers, your tongue and sex toys.
Then wear a cockring and give her a long lasting fuck.
After that there should be plenty of afterplay.
This begins with tenderness and cuddling before moving on to a repeat of the previous foreplay.
When she is ready, shag again.
If these simple steps are taken you will keep your wife happy and your relationship will prosper – GUARANTEED

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