There are three thing essential in life.

They are Food, Shelter and Sex.

At “Nobs and Nockers” we cannot change the world but it is our mission to help people have a happy and healthy sex life. Nobs and nockers sex toys are great in helping you achieve this. We are never judgemental and a persons sexual orientation is of no importance to us. Everybody deserves a great sex life and we are here to help facilitate this.

A person may be single, in a relationship or into group sex. – That is a choice that everybody is free to make. As they say – “Whatever floats your boat”. Of course not everyone feels this way and that is why we are always discreet and always post out items under a plain cover. “Nobs and Nockers” sex toys are here to put smiles on faces and to help everybody get total sexual satisfaction.

Please note that Nobs and Nockers offers high quality branded products made in body safe materials.
These should not be confused with inferior unbranded goods sometimes offered elsewhere.