Some people have a fetish about certain parts of the human body other than sexual parts.

Foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetish related to the body and basically it is a pronounced sexual interest in feet.
The interest may be simply the love of a pretty foot or can extend further.
It could include painted toenails. shoes, feet being licked and toes being sucked.
In fact any variation can appeal to a foot fetish enthusiast including genitals being rubbed on the feet.
So why is someone attracted to feet?
If you have no interest then the answer is hard to fathom.
Even if it appeals you probably can’t answer the question as to why feet excite you – They just do.
How common is foot fetish?
It is certainly more common in men than women with a reported 18% of heterosexual men having this fetish compared with 5% of women.
Lesbians and gay men have an even greater interest.
A new entrant into this world is LAYLA LOVE
Layla has just prepared her very first series of foot fetish photos and this is the beginning of a glittering career.
Contacting Layla is a good idea for two reasons.
Firstly, to own the first set of photos could be an investment as it is only the first issue. 
It may no longer be available in the future when future sets are issued. 
Secondly Layla will consider requests for specific poses – Don’t be afraid to ask.
Contact layla by email at
A second recommended source of fotos is the gay/bdsm site of the Astaroth Fetiss Club.
This is the best bondage and gayporn club on the web.
It is certainly not for the fainthearted.
It includes videos, photos and live sessions.
Visit the site at

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