There are many companies selling sex toys so why are we so different.
Basically it’s our philosophy.
We don’t just sell toys but we enjoy using them and want our customers to get the maximum enjoyment from them.
My name is Tracy and I own NOBS AND NOCKERS.
Obviously men use sex aids but as I am a woman I maybe not be the best source of information on that point merely to say that they get a lot of pleasure when using them alone or with partners. Anyway back to our philosophy and our approach but looking at it from a female point of view. We believe that sex toys are available to give great pleasure and sexual fulfilment.
They should be used in any way you want and there is nothing that is taboo as long as nobody gets hurt.
So our mission is not just to sell sex toys but to help our customers get the best results.

We encourage you to experiment. Getting fucked up the arse may not be for you but wearing a strap on and fucking a friend up the arse may be. Going out without underclothes and visiting friends with a remote controlled love egg inside you can be fun. Stimulate yourself every time you talk to your friends husband so that in the end  you are desperate for him to fuck you can be an amusing pastime. Why not try a little bondage and ask your partner to invite a few friends round. Getting fucked by them all will be an experience. There is not a gay bone in my body but a little lady love now and again is well worth considering. They can use their fingers and tongue as well as any man. When it comes to pushing a vibrator up inside me it really makes no difference what their sex is. When I am ready for fucking they can use a strap on and fuck me for as long as I want it. I of course can do the same for them. So anything goes as long as all participants are at ease with it all. So join us and enjoy sexual freedom.

We believe that sexual satisfaction is a right for every human being. So it is immaterial whether you have a cock or a cunt you still deserve sexual fulfillment. It does not matter if you are gay or straight you deserve sexual satisfaction. Whether you are single or have a partner is not important – you deserve good sex.

We encourage our clients to enjoy sex in whatever way that they can and be afraid of new experiences.

So use our sex toys and get out there – GET MASTURBATING AND GET SHAGGING 

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